How do you cultivate compliance to protect your government agency?

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Regardless of your organisation size or location, travel and expense spend mistakes or fraud can have significant financial consequences. Fraud isn’t something that many organisations want to acknowledge, but it is an undeniable issue. When duplicate, exaggerated or fake payments are being processed your organisation is losing money. Fraud isn’t always intentional. Some employees may not know your policies or understand the processes required to prevent non-compliant spend. Others may not see an issue with a little exaggeration on their expense claim, but when you’re managing hundreds or thousands of employees, it can soon add up. 

However, by putting checks and balances in place, you can gain control of employee spend, make it easy for employees to comply with policies, plus mitigate, detect, and prevent losses due to accidental errors or fraudulent activities. 

Download the tipsheet to understand who's involved in fraud, what is the impact of fraud, and how SAP Concur solutions can help mitigate fraud risk. Plus, you'll learn six tactics to gain control of compliance, effectively manage travel and expense spend, and cultivate a culture of compliance at your government organisation.