Managing Digital Tax with SAP Concur

Managing Digital Tax with SAP Concur

Your growth projects, corporate priorities, and business budgets are most likely within your control, even though they may experience some fluctuations.

However, tax rules and regulations present a different scenario. They can undergo sudden changes, catching you off guard and necessitating quick compliance measures.

In fact, 50% of finance leaders said regulatory compliance is the top external change to their business.1 

Furthermore, as governments worldwide increasingly embrace tax digitalisation, a fresh wave of constantly evolving requirements awaits your attention. Therefore, it is crucial to remain proactive and ready to adapt.

With SAP Concur solutions, you are compliance-ready. This ebook shows how adapting your existing SAP Concur solutions can help you adapt spending processes and stay ahead of tax-digitalisation changes.  Download it to learn more. 


Source1: CFO Insights Report: A New Role In Managing Uncertainty