Driving Your Mileage Program: Best Practices to Optimise Mileage Spend

driving your mileage program

You've thought a lot about how to track business expenses, particularly when it comes to travel, but what about mileage?

It may seem like a minor expense. But daily trips to different offices and unreliable distance estimation can quickly add up. In fact, mileage is consistently one of the top expense categories for customers with SAP Concur solutions.

Automated mileage tracking programs can save up to 21 hours a year, per employee.

That’s why it’s so important to hold your mileage spend to the same standards as you would with any other line item, so you can increase your company’s controls for budgetary and regulatory compliance while increasing employee productivity.

In this ebook, we will examine the top five personal mileage best practices for businesses of all sizes, so you can smooth out the road for everyone involved.

Solutions for control and compliance.