Choosing the Right T&E Solution for Your Small-to-Midsize Business

chose the right travel and expense solution

The Benefits of Automation: Not Just for Large Businesses Anymore 

Your business – regardless of its size – operates in a modern and largely digital business environment. And yet many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) today are still using disjointed processes for booking travel and handwritten records to track and manage associated expenses.  

As your company’s business travel volume grows, it will be more important than ever to have full visibility into – and control over – travel and expenses so you can control costs, maximize cash flow, and direct funds where they are needed most.   

  • 53% of businesses want to leverage technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity. *  

  • 50% of businesses want to track and analyse expense trends and pinpoint opportunities for cost reduction. * 

Today more companies are exploring automated travel and expense (T&E) management solutions, which provide improved visibility and control over T&E by coordinating interactions between multiple systems and partner entities. Available through the cloud, these solutions have become more affordable and easier to deploy. They provide a seamless experience for business travellers and give finance leaders the power to control travel-related expenses.  

Download the Travel and Expense Buyers Guide to learn more.  


*Analysys Mason 2022, Travel, Expense, and Vendor Invoice Management Study