Are you reclaiming overpaid taxes? Revamp your approach to GST / VAT and bring money back into the business

reclaim overpaid taxes

Getting business going and growing again takes a willingness to look at everything with a fresh perspective. And while it’s easy to overlook something as traditionally cumbersome as tracking and reclaiming Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods & Services Tax (GST), there’s money to be made with the right approach.

With more countries around the world applying indirect taxes like GST or VAT, businesses also face complex government regulations and compliance challenges. For organisations that use manual processes to manage spending, trying to keep up with these new demands, and keep track of taxes, is inefficient, ineffective, and can cost you money. 

  • Regulations are country-specific and constantly shifting
  • Manual processes are prone to human errors
  • Mistakes expose companies to audits and penalties
  • Billions in GST or international VAT-eligible expenses go unclaimed each year

The global market potential for VAT reclamation is $1.02bn AUD, yet 54% of eligible VAT is left unclaimed by businesses! 1

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1 “Navigating the Complex World of International VAT Reclaim,” Bloomberg Tax, October 2019; Vanson Bourne: Connecting the Dots on Travel, Expense and Invoice Spend