TripLink from SAP Concur - Capture Every Reservation

TripLink Captures Every Reservation—No Matter Where Your Travellers Go or How They Book Their Trips—and Brings Them All Into SAP Concur 

Imagine if you could remove the hassle of managing those travel reservations made outside of your managed travel program. Imagine having full visibility of all bookings in one area whilst maintaining control of corporate discounts, implemented travel policies, preferred supplier relationships and be able to track your employees travel movements. TripLink has the ability to do all this and more.

TripLink can promote preferred suppliers and will alert you to any bookings made outside of company policy allowing you to manage travel spend as it happens. Being aware of buyer behaviour, gives you leverage to negotiate better rates and deals with suppliers too. Bookings made directly with a supplier will still reap all the negotiated benefits of managed travel.

All these great features and benefits in the one solution...TripLink.