Easily track business credit card expenses

No more manually entering credit card data into expense claims. Concur lets you add the appropriate credit card to capture the actual transaction data directly from your card provider and automatically populate your expense claims.

Online Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Streamline your business; credit cards work for you

Harness information from your card charges and use it to:

  • Streamline the expense reporting process
  • Ensure expense policy compliance
  • Increase visibility into your organisation's spend
  • Manage your cash more effectively
  • Capture Goods and Services Tax (GST) information for potential recovery

Automatically import credit card data

Concur automatically captures and displays all of your credit card expenses. All data is protected by the same state-of-the-art encryption and security used by most major financial institutions.

Track personal card charges so you get reimbursed

Tired of using your personal credit card for business and not being reimbursed? Personal card charges are easy to track with Concur. Automated credit card integration pulls all your charges and allows you to assign them to the appropriate cost centre or supplier.