Texas Peak

Integrating the expense process with a corporate card saves time and gives a real view of spend.

Like a smart and fit athlete, Texas Peak, distributor of Brooks Footwear and Apparel in Australia and New Zealand, prides itself on running efficiently. The company’s annual T&E spend of $1-$2M supports travel for sales, trainings, and meetings for more than half of the company’s 200 odd employees who generate approximately 50 expense reports on a monthly basis. Performing at the highest possible level is critical to Texas Peak’s success. The implementation of Concur® Expense is driving increased efficiencies for Texas Peak such as reducing the time spent processing expense reports, enhancing compliance, and improving transparency.

"Concur offers such a simple package, you fall in love with it immediately…With Concur the whole process is integrated, including our corporate card, which saves valuable time for employees and provides our office with a real-time view of T&E spend. Everyone is using Concur and seeing the benefits.”

-Neelesh Mehta, CFO, Texas Peak.






Melbourne, Australia


Concur Expense

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