Newcrest Mining

Newcrest Mining drives efficiency through its compliance processes and delivers an enhanced user experience with SAP Concur

As a heavily-regulated industry, compliance is key for mining companies. However, the system Newcrest Mining was using to manage its expenses relied heavily on slow manual processes with a high number of touchpoints for each expense report. Not only was this affecting efficiency and productivity, but it increased the risk of human error. 

Newcrest had a need for a system that could provide them with better solutions for compliance, particularly concerning statutory and taxation requirements. The previous system lacked the capability to seamlessly integrate with the team’s ERP system (managed by SAP) and did not allow for the customisation of business and compliance rules within the system, leading to further inefficiencies. Secondly, the absence of a user-friendly experience in the previous system, which was manual and lacked audit tools, posed significant hurdles for employees out in the field.

To achieve their dual objectives, Newcrest sought an end-to-end expense management solution that could integrate data into the broader SAP ecosystem and provide a mobile application for their remote workforce. SAP Concur provided the best solution that could expand to other markets, while allowing the team to add their own rules and policies which often differ site to site.

Download the case study for more details on the automation journey of Newcrest Mining.

"I think one of the things that we’ve tried to do by bringing on Concur is make the business experience for our employees as easy and user-friendly as possible. So this is definitely a lot more automated and there’s less chance of error."
— Neil Sadler, Principal (Global Business Services Finance Operations), Newcrest Mining


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