Applied Medical

As a fast growing company, Applied Medical needed to automate T&E Management to save time and reduce user errors.

Applied Medical is a leading provider of biomedical devices for minimally invasive surgery.
Nevertheless, the company’s Australian office had a T&E process that was, on the other hand, high touch and high maintenance, with a lot of time spent correcting spreadsheet errors.

With Concur, Applied Medical has been able to reduce time spent processing expense reports by two-thirds and expect this to improve further in the coming months.  E-receipts have eliminated time spent tracking down lost receipts and matching them to reports.  Accountability has increased, users submit reports on time and the integration of email communications with receipts and approvals has streamlined back office processes and improved accuracy.

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"We reduced the time spent processing expense reports by more than 65%. Time-savings was our goal, and Concur has exceeded our expectations.”

-Christine French, Administration and Coordinator




Sydney, Australia


Concur Expense

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