Greater Mobility, Visibility and Control of Spend

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) partners with scientists and engineers and applies new technologies to help improve human health, save lives, build industries and protect the environment. They implemented SAP Concur to provide staff with full mobility to manage their travel and expenses, giving the organisation better visibility into overall spend and improved compliance and control.

SAP Concur solutions has enabled ANSTO to provide a seamless service to their employees, from a travel request through to approving an expense claim, all achievable on-the-go utilising mobile apps. On average, this is saving ANSTO around two days a week in request and expense processes, equating to at least two FTE over a six-month period.

View the video below and read the full case study in the pdf on the right.

"ANSTO’s scientists, engineers, our managers and group executives, are often out in the field or out of the country. By having Concur’s mobile apps, they are able to do anything they need to do, on the go, and are not reliant on being in the office to complete travel and expenses.” -Janina Babaic, SAP Concur Administrator, ANSTO








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