Australian Bureau of Statistics achieving compliance rates of over 99%

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is Australia's national statistical agency involved in the production of statistics on a wide variety of matters including population, economic and social statistics for important decision making.

The ABS was using a lot of disparate systems that were costly to maintain and relying on approving managers within the credit card workflow process to detect illegitimate and non-compliant transactions. The top three benefits they're now getting from using Concur are: improved control and visibility over spend, improved compliance and improved efficiency of process through the use of mobile technology. They are now achieving a compliance rate of over 99%.

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"Since we've taken on Concur, one of the biggest benefits has been the alleviation of the administrative impost on the approver. That burden has been lifted, thanks to the internal and external audit rules that comes with Concur. " – Richard Grigg, Assistant Director, Financial Statements and Business Services Branch.






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