Compliance in a nutshell: Expenses, GST, ATO, and Revenue

expenses gst ato revenue compliance

GST rules can be complex, ATO and Revenue – a gauntlet.

In this eBook, we demystify some of the facts around tax and expenses. The ATO has increased its assurance review activity under its Justified Trust framework that now encourages businesses to comply in order to obtain assurance.

Nevertheless, the reality can sometimes be confusing and the penalties for getting it wrong – severe. Many businesses outsource their tax management to experts
or muddle through, running the risk of non-compliance. There’s a real need for unambiguous, helpful advice about expenses, GST, ATO, and compliance.

We’ve created this guide to help shine some light on the processes, practices
and behaviours around tax and expenses based on some of the frequently asked questions we receive. When you get tax compliance right, not only will your business, the ATO, and Revenue become more confident of your process, recovering GST on your expenses can actually put money back in your budget.





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