Oxford Economics Australia Fact Sheet: Empowering Your People

empowering your people

How finance and IT leaders can support flexible working

The Great Resignation. The Big Re-shuffle. Whatever name it goes by, the recent increase in employee turnover is part of a major shift in the way employees see their jobs. These changes are happening across roles and functions—from interns to the C-suite, from HR to finance and IT. To gain more insight into the changing nature of work and employee expectations, Oxford Economics and the SAP Concur business unit of SAP conducted a worldwide, cross-industry survey of 352 finance and IT decision-makers at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. Among the findings:

  • Only 30% of Australian companies say they’re providing the right mix of benefits and compensation
  • 52% say employees perform better if they have the flexibility to choose where they work, BUT
  • Only 16% of Australian leaders claim to be effective at T&E policy compliance to support flexible work

Download this Fact Sheet to learn the key findings and takeaways this survey revealed for Australian decision-makers.



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