Join us at the SAP Concur Summit in Sydney
Thursday October 5, 2023

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Keynote Series

Live streamed 10:30 – 11:00 AEDT* Keynote: When business, technology and sustainability intersect
The pandemic has fueled a rapid adoption of technology, condensing digitisation into a timeframe previously thought impossible. We now have a rare opportunity for deep business model innovation that no one saw coming and, not surprisingly, digital transformation has a critical role to play. As we sit at this important intersection of business, sustainability and technology, the path we take will make a difference. Hear how leaders can leverage this urgency, intensity and unique ‘moment in time’ to fuel technology plans and reconfigure business operations to support organisational sustainability, transformation and growth.
Keynote Speaker: Nicki Hutley, Economist and Councillor for the Climate Council of Australia

Breakout Sessions

Breakout 01
There is unprecedented demand for organisational leaders to be driving change in a period of historic business uncertainty; fuelled by a nationwide workforce demanding more rewarding work and greater flexibility, and a collective corporate responsibility to achieve sustainability in business practices. All of which is putting additional pressure on leaders, people, processes, and technology. Join SAP senior executives including the Managing Director of SAP Australia & New Zealand Damien Bueno in this panel discussion covering:
  • important levers for driving enterprise transformation success
  • the emergence of ESG and AI/ML as top priorities for business leaders
  • employee productivity and mobility
  • what SAP is doing in relation to people, productivity and planet
  • what’s top of mind for our Regional CFO
  • how SAP and SAP Concur are working together to help enterprises redefine their growth and sustainability path in order to run better
Host: Ben Price, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Concur Asia Pacific Japan
Panellists: Managing Director of SAP Australia & New Zealand Damien Bueno, Senior Vice President of SAP Concur APJ Matt Goss, and SAP's Asia Pacific Chief Financial Officer Gina McNamara
Breakout 02
Breakout Session 02