Embracing an Agile Mindset

Embracing an ‘agile mindset’ can help you successfully navigate through the ever-changing business landscape. Learn more about the behavioural science behind how to embrace an ‘agile mindset’, how it aids problem solving and solution finding, and what it looks like in practice.


We are pleased to bring you our latest webinar series with Shadé Zahrai to help you successfully navigate personal and business growth and change, whether it is in your private or professional life.

An award-winning leadership strategist, Harvard-trained coach, TEDx Speaker, MBA, PhD Candidate and member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council, Shadé Zahrai is a specialist in building a success mindset for business professionals, and enhancing people-centric cultures.

A former commercial lawyer with a background in psychology and strategy consulting, Shadé is recognised for her ability to translate neuroscience and psychology research into practical, actionable strategies to accelerate success. Shadé consults, trains and coaches leaders and teams from startups to Fortune-500s, enhancing change-readiness for transformation.

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