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Concur Adds Mobile Air Booking To The Corporate Travel Experience

In an industry first, Concur’s mobile app delivers in-policy air travel booking capabilities; Company to also unveil Locate & Alert and other recent enhancements at GBTA Convention

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 17, 2011 -- Concur (Nasdaq: CNQR), a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services, announced today that it will unveil the first native mobile air booking experience for business travellers at the GBTA Convention in Denver on Monday, August 22. Recent studies show that business travellers are relying more and more on their mobile devices to keep them connected, productive and safe and secure while on the road.

  • Booking air travel on Concur’s mobile app – The ability to book and complete in-policy air reservations directly from Concur’s mobile travel and expense management app on any Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone® or iPad® device.
  • Locate & Alert service – To empower companies to better address their growing need for enhanced duty-of-care, Concur also plans to unveil its Locate & Alert service. By leveraging all available itinerary data and also providing employees with an easy way to “check in” with their current location using their mobile device, the service enables companies to locate employees and communicate important messages and alerts via voice, text, Twitter and email to help ensure their safety and security.
  • Accessibility Mode – leveraging Concur’s dynamic consumer-like web interface, Concur’s booking technology is fully accessible to users who cannot use a mouse including visually impaired users that require screen reading technology.
  • Travel Alternatives – enables companies to leverage their preferred teleconference, web conference, or video conference provider and have the travellers compare the cost of travel to the cost of the travel alternative.
  • Japanese language support – clients using Concur’s Travel and Expense services can now enjoy a complete Japanese language user experience. 

“The ability to book an entire business trip, from air and rail to hotel and car – all from your mobile device, and all in policy – is now a reality,” said Rajeev Singh, president and COO of Concur. “But the mobile business travel experience doesn’t just stop there. Concur’s comprehensive approach to mobile travel and expense management helps travellers manage every aspect of their itineraries and capture and record spend incurred while on the road. With Locate & Alert, now every traveler’s organisation can leverage mobile capabilities to do even more to help keep their employees safe and informed – no matter where they are.”

One Truly Integrated Mobile Business Travel Experience

Concur’s integrated travel and expense management offering includes Concur’s mobile app at no additional cost. Business travellers can use Concur’s mobile app on any Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad to book new travel and/or add air, hotel, rail and car to existing itineraries – all in-policy. This gives travellers the freedom and flexibility they need while ensuring that all travel transactions are booked in compliance with the company’s travel program. Concur’s mobile app can also capture and record expenses while on the road – including receipt images – designate and track attendees, approve and submit expense claims and seamlessly integrate with other mobile applications like to help make the process of business travel even easier.

Enhanced Duty-of-Care With Locate & Alert

Concur’s new Locate & Alert service will also make its debut at the GBTA Convention. Designed to enable companies to easily locate and communicate with employees during unplanned events, Locate & Alert provides both employees and their organisations with peace-of-mind, ensuring that updates to policies, alerts regarding civil unrest or natural disasters and any other information critical to the safety and security of employees is promptly communicated directly to the employee through voice, text, their smartphone, Twitter and email. Concur leverages itinerary data from Concur Travel, TripIt and the corporate Travel Agency, as well as using “check-in” functionality in Concur’s mobile application to keep track of and communicate with employees, who can respond to messages empowering companies to quickly identify people in need of assistance.