Expense Pay: Simplify expense reimbursements and credit card payments

What does it cost your organisation to generate an expense reimbursement or corporate card payment? Probably more than you think. The good news is that with Expense Pay, Concur can help reduce reimbursement times and cut costs associated with generating payments.

Expense pay integrates directly into your travel and expense management process. Once an expense claim is approved, Expense Pay automatically retrieves the necessary funds and electronically reimburses employees or remits corporate cards payments - streamlining your procure-to-pay cycle. This ensures policy compliance by validating expenses against business policies prior to payment.

Everyone Can Reduce Expense Reimbursement Errors

When it comes to experiencing employee expense reimbursement issues, you’re not alone. Majority of organisations experience similar problems. Expense Pay aims to help you as much as possible.

  • Eliminate payment returns for employees with inaccurate banking information
  • Eliminate re-keying expense information into other financial systems
  • No need to maintain employees as vendors in the AP system
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate human intervention
  • Reimburse employees within days of expense claim approval
  • Improve communication with employees regarding expense reimbursement dates

Brochure: Concur Expense

Credit Where Credit is Due

Do you experience difficulties with corporate card adoption? Concur can help encourage employee adoption by streamlining the process, reducing expense reimbursement times and late fees – all resulting in happier employees. Don’t worry though. Employees won’t be the only ones smiling. Using Expense Pay also helps:

  • Ensure corporate card payments are made on time, every time
  • Manage cash flow, maximise rebate potential, and reduce late fees and penalties
  • Reduce costs with one standardised payment platform
  • Quickly and easily track all expense payments
  • Eliminate costs associated with manual expense data on multiple systems