Adapting to change: finding the bear (not the elephant!) in the room


A lot of people talk about adapting to change and the “why” of transformation, but fewer talk about how to actually get it done.

On this webinar, guest speaker Lindsay Herbert  (business innovator and author of Digital Transformation - a book which has received international praise) provides a practical framework for adapting and solving some of the biggest challenges your business is currently facing. These are what's known as your ‘bears’.  Hear:

  • How to find the bear in the room
  • Empower your employees to innovate
  • Adjust processes to improve company performance
  • Adapt to change using data, technology and new ways of working

This webinar will be hosted by Fabian Calle, MD of SMB at SAP Concur ANZ and includes a replay of Lindsay Herbert’s very popular UK presentation ‘The Bear in the Room’. It is part of the SAP Concur SMB Insights Series.

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