Expense reporting has been reduced from two days to 90 minutes, with a far greater degree of accuracy.

Sportsbet is the largest corporate bookmaker in Australia and forms part of the Paddy Power Global Group. Employing about 450 staff, Sportsbet offers bets on sports, horse racing, politics and novelty markets. The main business driver for change was an inability to report accurately at month end and also complaints by users that the paper-based system was too slow and too difficult.

While it previously took about two days to report on expenses, it's now down to around 90 minutes with a far greater degree of accuracy--thanks to Concur. Sportsbet is also able to track compliance with receipts, and nearly all employees are using the mobile app.

The service which has had the most impact is the credit card feed which comes in overnight and enables Sportsbet to keep on top of this on a daily basis. In addition they have several hundred expense reimbursements, which are processed throughout the month with 100% compliance with the use of Concur.

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“Previously it took us 2 days to report on expenses whereas now we have that down to about 90 minutes with a far greater degree of accuracy.”

-Brian Harty, Group Financial Accountant, Sportsbet




Melbourne, Australia