Monash University

Greater visibility into overall spend enables better strategic procurement outcomes.

With approximately 60,000 students from over 170 countries and a network of campuses and education centres spanning the globe, Monash University is Australia's largest university.

The Monash University community travels frequently for conferences, events and research paper collaboration. The Expense Management process prior to Concur was highly manual, with paperwork floating throughout the university and with no traceability of where that paperwork was. Automating the process with Concur has delivered significant benefits, including:

  • Efficient management of cash advances, staff reimbursements and credit card processing.
  • Online and mobile tools have high appeal to their employee community.
  • Effective reporting capability and visibility of where things are at in the process.
  • Understanding more about expenditure, crucial from a strategic procurement perspective.

"Concur provides us with our expense management tool around cash advances, staff reimbursements and credit card processing...I'd certainly suggest that if you're on a manual process look towards automating with Concur.”

-Justine Waddick, Director, Purchase to Payments






Melbourne, Australia


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