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Henry Davis York

Henry Davis York set out to reduce write-offs happening due to lengthy expense processes.

Henry Davis York (HDY) is a leading Australian law firm that specialises in the financial services and government sectors and is renowned for its tier 1 insolvency and restructuring expertise.
HDY set out to reduce write-offs to the firm, happening due to lengthy expense processes.

By implementing Concur, Henry Davis York has achieved the following:

  • Expense process reduced from 60 down to 14 days, enabling HDY to bill clients in a timely fashion which has the impact of reducing write-offs completely.
  • Replaced manual petty-cash process with an automated solution with everything being managed through Concur.
  • Improved reporting and visibility

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"When we scorecard'ed all the solutions, Concur came out on top. The implementation was quick and seamless, probably the quickest we've ever gone through. The interface is easy to use, people like using it. I would recommend Concur to other firms".

-Ivan Costello, Financial Systems Manager


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Sydney, Australia