Effective Measure

No more “pain and suffering”

“…we’ve made life easier. The system is easy to use, so very little training was required. It was a win-win”
– Mary Karolyi, CFO, Effective Measure

Effective Measure, a small global company, needed a quick solution to streamline and automate their expense process, to benefit the back and front office teams.

The CFO quickly implemented Concur®, with minimal resources, and abandoned their previously inefficient and time-consuming paper-trail.  The finance team felt immediate benefit. They were transformed from a data-entry, historical reporting team, into a team driving transformation in the business. Read more

"It just makes everyone’s life easier. Concur is something that is valued by the business, people love it, because people get benefit from it, both back office and front office and its cost effective to do it”

– Mary Karolyi, CFO, Effective Measure




Melbourne, Australia


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