Reporting was key in moving Challenger's expense process from a position of Policy to a position of Trust.

Challenger Limited is an ASX-listed investment management firm committed to providing Australians with financial security in retirement.

Before Concur, travel and entertainment spend was funneled through paper forms and receipts stuffed in an envelope and sent off to Accounts Payable. Today, Challenger has moved to an almost fully integrated online process with Concur.

Challenger has completely turned around their company expense process from a position of Policy, to a position of Trust. They found that the cost of policy management far outweighed the risk of fraud and now trust their employees to file and approve their own expenses. They rely on data from Concur to run behaviour exception reporting.

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"The consistency you can get from your reporting and your management of expenses through a tool such as Concur, has an innate value to it. Your ability to manage your expense will deliver value to your bottom line. I'd certainly recommend Concur as the frontline and the leader in technology in the Expense Management space."

-Sean Baker, Head of Business Development






Sydney, Australia