Concur is an SAP Company

Cloud computing = powerful + easy - the risk

Whether it goes by on-demand, cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS) – it’s the same great offering. Concur® is a leading subscription-based service that is offered in real time over the Internet. That means it’s an access-anytime, pay-as-you-go while saving-you-lots-of-money and time Web and mobile solution.

Cloud computing has been changing the way businesses do business for over a decade now. That’s why Concur has been investing in and perfecting this technology since the 1990s. So, what do you actually get from a cloud computing implementation?

Accessibility: With Concur, your travel and expense management tools are accessible anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection. With a password, ID and lots of built in security, you can do what you need from a laptop or a smartphone.

Adaptable: Because it’s in the cloud, software from Concur can be scaled and configured to your specific needs, even if those needs change over time. We maintain the infrastructure so you don’t have to invest in hardware, software, extra servers or licenses.

Security: With real-time data backups and strict adherence to Australian and international security standards, cloud computing services are among the safest ways of conducting business outside of a vault.

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